Testimonials taken from Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
along with The Indoor Oasis

Welcome to the Indoor Oasis relaxation spa, where you’ll experience 4 cutting edge services, each carefully researched to ease and heal your mind and body. We are located in a 200-year-old mill, in a beautiful environment, located on the Charles River.

The Indoor Oasis is 3000 square feet, just steps away from our sister company, Newton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre (NCWC), with 6000 square feet of a myriad of additional wellness services. Both centers face a picturesque waterfall and offer you 9,000 square feet of relaxation and wellness services under one roof. You can literally park your car and stay all day!

For over 20 years, NCWC has provided an advanced type of gentle chiropractic care that helps people of all ages – newborns to seniors. NCWC offers an array of other wellness services, including Massage Therapy, HydroMassage, incredibly comfortable custom orthotics, Detox Foot Bath, improved blood circulation sessions, and more.

Imagine a destination where you can get any combination of these services in a single visit, including free parking. Now imagine that destination is open for your convenience, seven days a week with extended hours.

Please open your eyes. You can stop imagining.

Please take a moment to read about the benefits of our services, our staff, and the impact we’ve made on people’s lives that they’ve shared on Google.


It’s always a pleasant, healing experience for me. Dr. Burke really cares about her patients. In addition to Chiropractic care, they have a salt room, float tanks, infrared sauna, and other treatments. They also offer Massage Therapy, hydromassage (one of my favs), Bemer sessions, and more. I highly recommend them for whatever ails you. 

Marie A.

“The staff at the front desk is always friendly, helpful & organized. Dr. Coleman’s adjustments are a life saver and, as an added bonus, he is a great guy.
They are taking safety & cleanliness very seriously – I had absolutely no concerns.”

Irwin Y.

Nothing less than amazing. I am free of pain after one visit. She teaches you why you feel the way you do vs the alternative….just adjusting. It is beyond evident she loves what she does and truly cares about your well being.

Anne O.

“Dr. Burke and Dr. Coleman are wonderful. After years of traditional chiropractic, their network chiropractic practice has actually helped my body break chronic patterns of discomfort. In this time of Covid, I appreciate their extreme care and well-researched methods to maintain a safe environment while continuing to provide treatment.”

Maurya S.

The staff here works with you to understand your own body so that you can take that knowledge with you in your everyday life.  They are committed to working with you in tune with what your body tells them that it needs. So amazing the feeling after that I highly recommend utilizing their services.  You won’t regret it!

Nerissa S.

I started utilizing their services about 2.5 months ago and the difference in my daily abilities is fantastic.  I have gone from being in so much pain that I could not fall asleep.  I even have had a days without any pain whatsoever (without medication), something I have not had since prior to my time in the U.S. Army.  I recommend their services without hesitation.

Paul M.
I am not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Coleman and the rest of amazing staff changed my life. Three years ago, the pain I was experiencing was excruciating. Aside from chronic body pain, I had terrible headaches daily that were debilitating.  I had no quality of life. I had tried everything and was completely hopeless.  I called them, explained my situation and Dr. Coleman saw me that night. Since then my life has completely changed, the pain is pretty much gone and the headaches are infrequent. I can’t day enough about this practice. In some sense, I think it saved my life

Joanna M.

Dr. Burke. and Dr. Coleman have saved my life! I was in chronic pain for 15 years (I am 35 F), and they finally figured out how to treat me. I have gone months with zero pain and am back to the fitness routine I had when I was 20. If you are suffering with pain that won’t go away, please come here!! Dr. Burke is amazing!!!

Katie C.

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