Float Therapy

What Is Float Therapy?

Flotation Therapy is a scientific-based deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (R.E.S.T.). Each float session is a private escape in a soothing, saltwater-filled flotation tank for your mind and body to experience weightlessness in a zero-gravity environment. This creates an incredibly tranquil and calming sensation that is gaining attention as a therapeutic technique and an ultimate relaxation tool.

What To Expect

Each float tank is located in your own private room, complete with a shower and all the amenities you need for a wonderful experience.

Our spacious tanks have plenty of room for physical mobility and are well ventilated.

Step into a shallow pool of water, perfectly heated to your body temperature and full of 1100 pounds of Epsom salts which allow you to float effortlessly on the surface, as if in outer space.

Create your own individual float experience. Take advantage of the “ideal” sensory reduction therapy (turning off all lights and sound) or customize your session by choosing your music and lighting settings.

What can Float Therapy do for me?

Benefits of Float Therapy

Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression.

Not only do float tanks wind down the “fight or flight” part of the nervous system, but they also activate the calming parasympathetic nervous system that controls relaxation and recovery.

Promotes deeper sleep.

The calming effects of float therapy contribute to a better night’s rest!

Improves circulation, energy levels, and mental acuity.

Your session will leave you feeling refreshed and focused.

Enhances athletic performance and recover.

Reduces chronic pain and migraines.

Detoxifies the digestive, hormonal, and immune systems.

Floatation research reveals remarkable benefits from repeatedly using float tanks and the effects of floating are cumulative.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our float tanks utilize the most advanced filtration system available with a combination of ozone, UV light, and hydrogen peroxide. Between each float session, the water cycles through a 3-step filtration process three times, purifying it to drinking-water quality.

The Filtration System’s custom filter is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size (both NSF 509 and FDA compliant for drinking water), while standard competitor pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20 – 30 microns.

Most people do not find it claustrophobic. The spacious interior of our float rooms are larger than the interior of most vehicles. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, you can open the tank partially, fully, or get out of the tank at any time. 

You also have full control over music and lights in the tank (including color and brightness control of the twinkling star lights)! Like mentioned before, it often feels like you are floating in open space rather than a confined tank.

If you can Shower you can float, regardless if you can swim or not. Everyone (no matter height or weight) easily floats in the tank because of the high salt content, which is even higher than the Dead Sea!

It’s actually quite natural and happens frequently. Because of the salt, you will easily continue to float without effort. Falling asleep in the tank is completely fine and nothing to worry about!

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